Hello my name is Janis.
I am from Latvia Kurland region.Im 20 years old boy and i very like digg ww2 relics,i have a 2 mettal detectors minelab x terra 705 and garret ace 250 also i have search magnet f 400.when i have free time im going to the forest to dig some relics and then put it to the collections or sell to the e-bay.i start dig relics in 2008 when i find my first relic it was a german helmet m 35 (wermacht) i was happy because in this time i dont know anithing about ww2 then i buy my first mettal detector it was a garret ace 250 and start digg in kurland forests fields trenshes and another places where i can  find ww2 relics i find very many stuff ,bullets,casings,grenades,medals,belt buckles,soldiers,helmets,weapons and other things you can see in galery.now i have a great ww2 collection.